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Foto: Marco Urban

Foto: Marco Urban



Initial Situation

HolidayCheck, the largest holiday ranking system in the German-speaking area, wants to use new, interactive communication channels to address new target groups.

The annual International Tourism Exhibition in Berlin (ITB Berlin) is joined by over 350 bloggers from 30 countries, creating the perfect networking event for this matter.


Development of new communicators for HolidayCheck through the blogger network of combo communications.


When it comes to bloggers or the internet in general, it is all about reach. Therefore, the currency of the new age is a high viral spread. As a leading online travel agency in the German-speaking area, HolidayCheck is able to offer bloggers what is most important to them: reach. For the event, a competition according to the motto “Who wants to be a Reachionaire“ has been placed and the bloggers are able to compete using the hashtag #HolidayCheckReachionaire. The winner gets space on HolidayChecks' website for a day. The event is promoted via social web as well as at the ITB with the help of a fictitious currency, the “Viralo”, a flyer being a bill. Combo communications covers the event conception as well as the overall organization of the event.


More than 30 well-known travel bloggers are participating in the event and are sharing their participation with the dedicated hashtag via their social media channels. Following the event, the bloggers and HolidayCheck are having individual talks about future cooperations. 

Drei Sterne blau_cases.png