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Initial situation

Transavia is digital – with a customer service via whatsapp and an innovative entertainment app for onboard entertainment, the airline proves its sense of modern communication, with Facebook playing a major role as a communications channel.


In order to raise Transavia's brand awareness, its USPs have to be placed amongst the target group via Facebook. Additionally,combo communications supported the incrementation of Facebook fans and the interaction in the German community.


Pedestrians in Munich were queried about their associations with Transavia’s destinations in Italy, Spain and Portugal – the most authentic responses were to win a flight ticket. The friendliest reactions to creative questions with fast cuts were to be published in a video on Facebook and shared multiple times.


Almost half a million users watched the videos, reaching around 1,000 likes and over 300 shares. With regards to this action, the number of Facebook fans for Transavia has also increased significantly.

Drei Sterne blau_cases.png